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10 Minutes Italian Spaghetti Cacio e Pepe recipe

The spaghetti with cheese and pepper are a typical first course of the Roman tradition, but also in Sicily if they did, and continue to make wide use: the cheese, however, has definitely been in the history of food, the first dressing combined with pasta , widespread even before the introduction of the tomato. 
The recipe of spaghetti with cheese and pepper is very simple but, for this reason, the attention to detail has to be manic to avoid the risk of getting a simple pasta topped with cheese. 

Easy to prepare and very tasty spaghetti with cheese and pepper are a dish to try!

Ingredients  4 people

Italian Spaghetti 400 gr. 
Plenty of freshly ground black pepper 
Grated pecorino romano 

Step by Step Preparation   

Grated pecorino romano (1), and in the meantime, bring to a boil a pot of salted water, when the water boils, pour the spaghetti (2), drain it al dente by taking a ladle of cooking water (3). 

In a bowl, pour hot spaghetti still dripping, add a ladle of cooking water (4), grated cheese (5) and mix well (6) 

together then ground pepper to taste (7) and stir carefully until the starch of the pasta will tie the whole thing and spaghetti become creamy (8-9). 


The secret of a good plate of spaghetti with cheese and pepper is the right balance between cheese and cooking water, the ingredients will have amalgamated to form a cream, typical of spaghetti with cheese and pepper. So if mixing the ingredients you will notice even the presence of the cooking water, add a little 'pecorino cheese, if on the contrary, the noodles will be too dry, pour a little water still cooking, going a bit' at a time until you get the right consistency. It 'also important to finish cooking spaghetti with cheese and pepper to the pan, if necessary adding a ladle of the cooking water, to allow the dough to pull out the starch mixed with the cheese will form the creamy sauce that is the salient feature of this simple dish. Once the seasoning is blended with spaghetti, Serve quickly all, preferably using warm serving plates. Complete with a final sprinkling of freshly ground pepper and serve quickly.

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