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Italian handcraft Pumpkin Tortelli recipe

The pumpkin ravioli is one of the typical dishes of Lombardy and certainly one of the most popular dishes in Italy, also because related to the Christmas tradition: pumpkin ravioli are always the typical first course to be consumed during dinner on Christmas Eve. 

The pumpkin ravioli is also a very special dish from the point of view of taste and flavor: the natural sweetness of the pumpkin joins the slightly spicy flavor of mustard valance that gives the dish its characteristic sour flavor that makes them unique and special. 
As to its origins, it is thought that the pumpkin ravioli and Renaissance origins have been designed after the European conquest of America because of the large amount of pumpkin tortelli main ingredient. 

Ingredients for the filling 

Nutmeg 1/2 tsp 
Macaroons 100g 
600 grams of pumpkin pulp 
Grana Padano cheese 100g 
Mustard (preferably pears) 100 g 

Ingredients for the dough 

Flour 400g 
4 medium eggs 
1 pinch salt 

Ingredients for the dressing 

Butter 200 gr 
Grana Padano cheese 

Step by Step Preparation of  pumpkin ravioli

 The first thing to do to prepare the pumpkin ravioli, pumpkin is clean: wash it, dry it thoroughly, cut into slices, wipe off the filaments and the seeds inside and then sbucciatela (1). At this point, the slices of pumpkin wrap in aluminum foil (2-3) and cook in the oven for about 1 hour at 180 ° (Test is cooking with a toothpick or with the tines of a fork). 

When the pumpkin is tender, remove it from the oven and let it cool (4), and then pass it to the blender or shake it in the mixer (5). Then finely chop the mustard Mantua (6). 

Add mustard to the mashed pumpkin and add the amaretti powder (7), stir with a wooden spoon, and add the Parmesan cheese, lemon zest, nutmeg and a pinch of salt (9). 

Mix everything until the ingredients are blended well and let stand at least 1 hour for the filling (10), so that the aromas mingling. Meanwhile, prepare the dough for the ravioli then (11), working the flour with the eggs and a pinch of salt on a flat surface (12). 

 Roll out a thin sheet and cut it into two equal parts. On the one hand you have the dough into balls of stuffing a distance of about 5 cm apart (13) and with the other hand to cover everything by closing the edges well with your hands after having slightly moistened with a brush dipped in 'water (14). Then cut the ravioli into squares that have the side 4 cm and let them rest on a floured surface until the time of cooking by turning every so often to ensure that they do not stick (15). Boil a pot of salted water then when the water will boil and pour you leave the ravioli cook until cooked, turning them every so gently; drain, finally, with a slotted spoon. Then place the ravioli in a bowl or on a serving dish and dress in layers with melted butter and Grana; serve hot. 


In addition to the Italian Christmas tradition, the pumpkin ravioli were borrowed from other traditions such as the Anglo-Saxon Halloween: it seems that it is consuetuine, England, on the night of the witches eat pumpkin tortelli also saw that the pumpkin is become the symbol of this holiday.

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