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Easy Original Italian Struffoli recipe

Today, I received a call from Italy. They were my relatives in Naples, not heard them for a long time and it was nice to talk with them. As usual we ended up talking about food, especially sweets were talking about, and then as today provorvi the classic Neapolitan recipe of sweet Italian struffoli?

This is a typical recipe Bell, but so famous and so good that now many regions have their typical struffoli: cicerchiata, the cicerata, the castaglole and so on. 

It 'a sweet made ​​up of many small balls fried and glazed with honey dissolved. And finally a shower of candy and sweets. Good to eat and beautiful to look at with this triumph of colors! 

You can choose to decorate with sprinkles Struffoli even silver or red, to stay in the Christmas theme. Perfect accompanied by a Moscato di Pantelleria, then remain for several days so you can occasionally steal some ball from the tray 

Ingredients For 8 people 

- 400 gr. flour 
- 3 eggs 
- 1 yolk 
- 60 gr. butter 
- 40 gr. sugar 
- 1 pinch salt 
- 1/2 peel oranges 
- 1/2 Lemon zest 

To cover: 
- 350 gr. honey 
- 30 gr. candied oranges 
- 30 gr. candied citron 
- 1 box colored Dragee 

To fry: 
- Seed Oil q.b. 


Form a mound of flour. 
Put the eggs, egg yolk, butter, sugar, salt, orange zest and the lemon in the center. 
Mix well. 
Form a ball with the dough. 
Let it rest for at least half an hour covered by a towel. 
Shape the dough with the snakes as wide as a finger on a floured surface. 
Cut small pieces and arrange them on a towel without overlapping. 
Fry struffoli a little at a time until you have a light golden brown. 
Let them cool on paper towels. 
Melt the honey in a pot. 
Versa struffoli into the pot of melted honey and mix. 
Add part of candied and sugared almonds and mix. 
Transfer everything on a tray and distribute the rest of the candy and sweets. 


Add half a glass of Limoncello mixture to flavor and season Struffoli. 
If you want to give struffoli a donut shape on their tray distribute them around a jar that will be put away when cooled. 

As an alternative you can have fun decorating Struffoli as you like.

Do you prefer the video-recipe ?

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