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Italian Fried Sage with Anchovies Classic Recipe

Italian Fried sage with anchovies

Sage on the balcony is growing visibly. Strangely is one of those herbs that I use very little, if not in the classic preparations like butter&sage or saltimbocca. Sometimes I prepare the mice of fried sage that I like particularly stuffed with anchovy paste. Some people in the batter puts a whipped egg white, me I gave up for lack of eggs at home.
Definitely not a new recipe for you readers Italians, but for those American might be a nice novelty:-)


  •  60 sage leaves
  • anchovy paste in a tube
  • 120 grams of flour
  • 1 tablespoon olive oil
  • salt
  • 1 glass of beer
  • oil for frying


Prepare a batter with flour, olive oil, salt and beer. The consistency should be semi-liquid. Wash and dry the sage leaves. Put a little 'of anchovy paste between two sage leaves, dip in batter and fry in hot oil.

Enjoy this little Italian classic recipe!

Original Italian Castagnaccio recipe

Each region makes it his own way.
Every family does it in his own way.
Even my mom did. She wanted to be more "Tuscan" and try the recipes of the region, but I do not appreciated because of the very particular taste. We're talking about chestnut flour, intense, sweetish, who loves her, who hates her. Now that I'm an adult, or who are aged (!) I appreciate the 100% and I tried to go back to a balance of doses that would satisfy me. I made at least a dozen, segnandomi every time corrections until you get to what I propose.
For my taste, the chestnut should not be dry and crisp but dry on the surface, well cracked and morbidino inside. I eliminated the raisins and pine nuts and open the door to Rosemary who, I swear, it gives you a perfume dream.
Then everyone has their own taste, of course, but where you do not compromise on the flour and height.
The best meal in my opinion is that of Mount Amiata (GR), sweet, light-colored and with regard to the height, to me, should not exceed one centimeter.


Use a pan 21 cm

250 g chestnut flour of excellent quality
200 ml milk
200 ml water
1/2 tablespoons sugar
1 tablespoon oil
rosemary pine nuts

1 pinch of salt


Sift the chestnut flour with the salt in a large bowl. Pour in the milk and water, stirring with a whisk. Oil a piece of paper towel and wipe it several times in the pan without forgetting the edges.

Pour the mixture and once the oven has reached the temperature, sprinkle with pine nuts and a few leaves of rosemary. Bake for about 30 min at 180 °. I rule with cracks: as soon as they were formed very obvious is ready.

Italian tart with citrus cream recipe

For early spring then a tart soft and fragrant citrus is what it takes, with a slight crust without butter and no eggs (the eggs I used for the cream).

Although it is made ​​with wholemeal flour the pastry remains rather soft and crumbly. What kind of pastry will you say?
This Italian recipe, with some modifications made ​​by me (I reduced the sugar), I found the recipe on a book of Montersino.

Do not expect the usual pastry buttery and very tasty, this is good but to me falls in those recipes a bit 'health-conscious. However, the overall

Simple recipe for the original Sicilian cannoli

Yesterday morning I woke up very happy because I wanted to prepare the Sicilian cannoli. I was conscious that not having ever made it would have been difficult and that there was so much I wanted my aunt Elsa to teach me, but she is in Italy and who knows when I'll see her ... I wanted then groped and eventually my stubbornness I was rewarded. 

I spent the whole of Sunday in the kitchen, experimenting with different recipes, in fact, the cannoli were good, but not quite as crispy as I like. Anyone who knows me knows that

The eight secrets to making a great Italian caffè espresso with moka

Here it is, the protagonist of awakening and after lunch to millions of Italians: the unfailing coffee maker "Moka" that now also in many homes in Naples has replaced the old Neapolitan coffee maker

Making a good cup of coffee, it is not a difficult task, just follow some simple rules, but

Italian Fried crispy calamari recipe

The Crispy Fried calamari is a fish recipe loved by young and old alike! It 'a very popular recipe and it may seem easy! Instead it is difficult to make a fried crispy and light at the same time! I was asked why, at times, the fried calamari remain moist, full of oil and mushy! So, I've prepared immediately (to the delight of my husband) and now I leave you the recipe and some tips for a perfect frying !!! 

Fried crispy calamari | Recipe Fish 

INGREDIENTS (for 2 people) 

400 g of fresh squid 
semolina flour 
peanut oil for frying 
salt q.b. 
1 lemon 


Clean the squid by removing the head

Italian Skewers ( Spiedini) of lamb with caramelized pears

This morning I stayed home to clean, so why not cook too? Thanks to a well-known Italian cooking channel I was inspired to cook this tasty and imaginative recipe. I love the sweet and salty together. I hope you enjoy it.


4 people 

500-600 grams of lamb shoulder, cut into cubes 
2 pears, not too ripe 
1 tablespoon sugar 
Olive oil 
balsamic vinegar 
Salt and pepper 

Preparation step by step 

Cut the pears
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