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Italian Ragù Bolognese Sauce Recipe

Finally a free afternoon, at home! The Italian mom chef in me was awakened!! Today I decided to try a special recipe, is a famous Italian sauce... the Bolognese Sauce! 

This idea came to me yesterday, when wandering through the house I found a book of Italian recipes that I had forgotten inside a kitchen pot!
Now it is back with me even if a bit spoiled and I can cook all the Italian recipes I want !!

  A special book that has always used my family, find it has been my fortune, is a real treasure! But let's continue to the recipe!
(Shhhh. Update! found it on Amazon!)

The recipe for Bolognese sauce is quick and easy and I will show you how to do it step by step with the addition of pictures! 

Original Ingredients

- Minced pork (thigh) 250 gr ( Swich to Italian Sausages if can't find it )
- Sweet bacon stretched or rolled up 100 gr 
- carrots 1 
- 1 medium onion 
- 1 stalk celery 
- Extra virgin olive oil 3 tablespoons 
- Butter 50 gr 
- 1 glass red wine 
- Fresh whole milk 1 cup 
- salt 
- pepper 
- Meat broth 250 ml 
- Tomato concentrate 30 grams 
- 250g beef mince

Preparation Step by Step 

The first step to prepare the Bolognese sauce is to peel the onion and carrot, then remove the filaments celery (1) and the 3 ingredients chopped finely with a knife or using a mixer (2). In a pan with high sides, place the olive oil and butter (3) and heat over low heat,

then, once you melted the butter, add the chopped vegetables: onion (4), carrots (5) and celery (6), let them fry stirring.

Meanwhile, chop the bacon finely and then add it to the rest of the ground beef and pour into pan (7) and let fry until the meat has not become beautiful browned, stirring occasionally. Then add the red wine (8) and let it fade, salt and pepper (9)

add the broth little by little (10) must absorb the sauce broth (11), but should not be too dry (In order to prepare the beef broth soup recipe see the flesh by clicking here). Melt the triple concentrated tomato paste in a little broth (12)

add it to the meat (13); mixed (14) and simmer the sauce for about an hour and a half on low heat, adding, whenever servant and little by little, the remaining broth and then finally the milk. When the sauce is ready (15), season with salt and pepper to taste if necessary. Your Bolognese sauce is ready, enjoy it with egg noodles, or use it to flavor some tasty lasagna.

Some History

The ragu 'alla bolognese is a famous condiment typical of Emilia Romagna, minced meat, interpreted in various ways, especially for the choice of meat to be used which, in return, affects the cooking time of the sauce' itself. 
There, among the many versions, an official recipe of Bolognese sauce, filed October 17, 1982 by the delegation of Bologna of the Italian Academy of Cuisine to the Chamber of Commerce of this city, which is recommended to use a cut of meat rather than fat folder called , located on the belly of the animal.

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