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Italian nuggets Parmigiano Grana recipe

Today's recipe is really easy, ideal for making a quick and tasty appetizer, served with other dishes: the pieces of Grana Padano. The recipe nibbles of Grana Padano cheese is great for any occasion, to make a starter for friends and family, and it is also very much loved by children. It is prepared in a matter of minutes and with readily available ingredients such as bread, eggs, Grana Padano cheese and soft cheese. Bon Appetite!. 

Difficulty: easy 
Time: 30 min 
People: 4 
Calories :500 kcal / Pers. 


Bread crumb: 180 gr 
Parmigiano Grana Padano: 180 gr 
Stracchino: 100 gr 
Eggs: 3 
Salt: to taste 
Parsley to taste 
Extra virgin olive oil: as required 
Milk: as needed 
Flour: enough 

Recipe and preparation 

Here is the recipe Italian nibbles of Parmigiano Grana Padano

Pour the crumbs into a bowl care that you have filled with milk, squeeze it and make it into small pieces, finely crumble and join it in a container to which you have previously grated Grana Padano cheese and the soft cheese cut into small pieces 

At this point, pour 2 large eggs and mix well the mixture, a pinch of salt and chopped parsley. Set aside a couple of hours and then created the meatballs. Pass them in flour and beaten egg 
Prepare a fry pan where the bites with olive oil and let them brown evenly. Once ready place them on a paper towel so that they lose the excess oil and serve hot 

If during the preparation of the mixture, the mixture is too thick or too hard, you can add a little milk.

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