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Linguine Pesto Pasta : Italian traditional

The linguine pesto are another one of those dishes that have become a flag of Italian cuisine. Made with simple ingredients and fragrant , they are loved on every table .


400 gr. type of pasta linguine
1 Potato
4 bunches of basil
2 cloves of garlic
25 gr. Pecorino cheese
25 gr. grated Parmesan
1 tablespoon pine nuts in shell
Extra virgin olive oil

Prepare the pesto in this way : Wash the basil leaves and dry them in a cloth.
Peel the garlic and Privatel soul. Crush everything in a mortar along with the pine nuts, adding the oil and a few grains of salt. Add the parmesan and pecorino and last dates trampled .
Cook the linguine in boiling salted water along with the diced potato .
Add pesto one or two tablespoons of the cooking water .
Drain the linguine with pesto and season .

measures :
To prepare the pesto is preferable to use the mortar , or alternatively you can also use a blender, whereas part of the aroma is being lost contact with the metal blade and with high speed . Pounding with the pestle , in fact , it is recommended to work with the basil rotational movements so as not to shear the leaves, but stracciarle to release the aroma.

Ideas and variations:
You can prepare a variant of linguine pesto pounding nuts along with the rest . Along with the potatoes you can add to the pasta cooking even 50 grams of green beans.

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