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Cusumano Nero d’Avola Igt : Best Italian Wine

Cusumano Nero d’Avola Igt : Best Italian Wine

When I want to drink a good Nero d' Avola without spending big bucks on the spot often Sàgana Cusumano family , and I'm always on the safe side . This is because the basement Cusumano Partinico (PA) over the years , I have become accustomed with the local wines to wines of excellent quality and the right quality / price ratio , of which Nero d' Avola Sàgana is a great example . Many enosnob the time probably would not consider the wines of this beautiful reality Sicilian wine , because in their eyes is a classic Sicilian winery that produces and sells million (2-3 million) bottles a year , wines , modern style and without personality. But they are wrong. Take for example this wine , the 2007 vintage Sàgana , made ​​entirely from Nero d'Avola grapes grown in Contrada San Giacomo in the town of Butera ( CL) . The jurisdiction of the cellar Cusumano in the " handling " the Nero d' Avola is a fact for me over the years, and the taste of this wine has shown me once again with its elegance and personality.

The wine shows an intense ruby red color and very bright , but not the classic red ruby which many Sicilian wines we have become accustomed in recent years, but more exhaust , really nice. The nose is intense with hints of cherry and ripe red fruit with plum and currant in evidence, but also with hints of vanilla and toast but all very balanced . I would like now to recall that the Sàgana ago malolactic fermentation in large casks of 20 hl , and aging (12 months) in the same barrels , so no barrels for this wine . The taste is warm , enveloping, and soft, and despite the high alcohol content (14.5% vol.) Lets drink with ease , making it smooth and very pleasant , the final full of fruit and persistence . In conclusion it is a very well made wine , and with its own personality , moreover, proposed a very fair price , about 16.00 in the wine shop . Highly recommended

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