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Corvo Rosso : Best Italian Red Wine

Corvo Rosso : Best Italian Red Wine

Corvo Rosso: The red wines of the Crow

The Raven Red Wines of the Crow, belongs to the classification of Sicilian red wines of Sicily IGT (IGT) .

Produced with Nero d' Avola , Pignatello and Nerello Mascalese cultivar representative of the island to the classic Sicilian red , grown on the warm and sunny hills of the hinterland of Agrigento and Caltanissetta . How different Sicilian red wines , even the Corvo Rosso is aged in oak barrels.

The Red Raven is one of the red wines of the famous historical wine , the first bottling took place already in 1824 , the year the company was founded .
Raven Red: the territories of the Sicilian red wines

The central-eastern Sicily and the provinces of Agrigento and Caltanissetta , is defining the area in which they are grown best Sicilian red wines . Here comes the Corvo Rosso , in soils and microclimates suited to traditionally black grape quality .

The land is of mixed type, characterized by percentage of active limestone , the altitude ranges from 50 to 350 meters above sea level

In a climate -Mediterranean island tending to hot, arid , the vineyards are farmed in the counter or sapling density of plants per hectare medium-high (about 4,000 plants).

The harvest is manual, the II ª ª The week of September to October.
Winemaking Corvo Rosso

Traditional fermentation with maceration on the skins for about 6-8 days. Racking, malolactic fermentation and gentle pressing .

The Red Raven is matured for at least 10 months in large oak casks and then in noble vitrified cement vats .

It is aged in bottle for 2 months at a controlled temperature .
Raven Red: tasting the most typical of Sicilian red wines .

The color is bright ruby ​​red with light garnet hues . The perfume is intense, complex, fruity, cherry, airy and pleasant. The taste is dry , full, pleasantly winy, balanced , fruity and persistent. The wine has an alcoholic strength of 12.5 % vol.

It should be served at a temperature of 17 ° - 18 ° C. It is advisable to drink it in stemmed glass medium of transparent glass.

Among the Sicilian wines , Corvo Rosso excels in pairings with grilled meats , roasts , game and matured cheeses .

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