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Perfect Italian Bruschetta with pesto and cherry tomatoes

Bruschetta with pesto and cherry tomatoes


400 grams of bread
250 grams of fresh mozzarella
250 grams of Genovese pesto
250 grams of fresh tomato


Bruschetta with pesto and tomato are great as a main dish, but also perfect for a light and tasty appetizer. To prepare them to be cut into slices the bread that will be put in the oven, preheated to 180 degrees, until it is golden brown.
Before this procedure is advisable to soak a little 'bread. The effect is crisp insured. Meanwhile, cut the tomatoes into small cubes after removing seeds and water, add the salt, extra virgin olive oil.
After you cut the mozzarella into cubes and removing the bread from the oven in the meantime you will be golden.
In any smearing bruschetta bread with a knife in Genovese pesto, and then add the tomato and mozzarella. Season with another drizzle of oil and a shower of oregano. The dish is ready to be served at the table.
You can add tomato sauce and mozzarella other seasonings to your liking. And if you like the bruschetta white, simply add the mozzarella and let it melt on toasted bread in the oven for about 1 minute: bon appetit!

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