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Italian Sautéed mussels and clams recipe

The sautéed mussels and clams presented in this recipe, it allows us to enjoy a second dish rich in flavor with a relatively quick preparation, and with a few simple ingredients, such as tomato, olive oil, garlic, parsley and white wine, which enhance the natural taste of the shellfish used.

The term saute, of French origin, it indicates that particular cooking technique in which foods are made stir-fry over high heat; This technique is generally used for shellfish, mainly mussels and clams, and is also considered a healthy cooking method because few seasonings are used, in our case even none for the opening phase of the shellfish.


1 kg mussels
1 kg clams
3 cloves
extra virgin olive oil 1/2 cup
freshly ground to taste
6-8 tablespoons fresh salsa (or concentrate 4 tablespoons)
2 tablespoons triatato
white 1/2 cup


To prepare the Sautéed mussels and clams first checked and cleaned very well be that the mussels clams; the first to remove all the barbs and the impurities on the shells, the second, to avoid that there is one that full of sand that would ruin irretrievably preparation. Let them now open in two separate pots, heat, and duly covered by a lid, without adding any other ingredients, except half a glass of white wine pour over the mussels. By using two separate pots, you will have the ability to delete and then filter impurities and can better differentiate the cooking time, which is slightly faster for the mussels.

Squeeze three cloves of garlic in a pan containing oil and fry a few moments; now joined the cooking liquid from the mussels and clams, previously filtered with the help of a dense mesh strainer (or you can use a cotton cloth) and then narrow over high heat; half cooked, add the fresh tomato sauce (or tomato paste), and let it cook for good. For the latest, add the mussels and clams, the private half shell (the one where it is not stuck shellfish), and let them briefly flavor with the sauce; pepper and add the parsley, then serve the sautéed mussels and clams very hot, possibly supplemented by the addition of toasted bread, rubbed with fresh garlic (if you like).

Often the fishmongers offer to clean your mussels, to save yourself the long and tedious effort; in general, however, for molluscs this is a traumatic procedure, as the mussels are placed in machines with abrasive rollers. Cleaning mussels with machines involves the leakage of liquid contained in them, so much so that, often, the fishmongers remember that this procedure is only recommended in cases of consumption almost immediately. The leakage of the liquid contained in the mussels, means that it is lost a part of "taste of the sea," which inevitably make it more dry and less tasty; then, unless the mussels are not truly filthy, our advice is to avoid mechanical cleaning and prefer the manual.

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