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Italian Rigatoni Arrabbiata Recipe

The Pasta Arrabbiata is somehow the essence of the Romans: and passionate "incazzosi" caciaroni and appetizing; Their name comes from the fact that, just like when you are angry, eating this type of pasta you are likely, because of the chili pepper, red chillies become. Today I decided to prepare this dish with the type of pasta called rigatoni and not with the classic pens. 

What do you need for 4 people 

400 grams of rigatoni 
400 grams of peeled 
80 grams of pecorino romano 
2 cloves of garlic 
2 fresh chillies 
extra virgin olive oil 

How do you 

1. Cut the garlic into small pieces and fry in a large pan along with the chopped chilli. Add the chopped tomatoes, season with salt and cook for about 15 minutes without the lid. 
2. Boil the pasta al dente and drain then pour into the pan with the sauce left on the stove for a few minutes. 
3. Serve and serve by adding chopped fresh parsley and pecorino romano to good rainfall. 

Preparation time: 20 minutes 

Result: If the peppers are fresh, the first bite will seem to go on fire, but slowly, perhaps with the aid of a glass of red: D, the situation will improve. 

Variation: some unfortunate replaces the cheese with the Parmesan cheese. You must be joking, no joking, no joking ... right? : D 

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