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Italian Chocolate Amaretti Biscuits Sorrento

Chocolate amaretti biscuits, recipe from Sorrento

These macaroons with chocolate treats are fast to prepare and really very good. The only fault I can find is that they break very easily, but their wonderful aroma brings us to turn a blind eye. Great recipe, also, to use the egg whites that sometimes we put forward by other preparations.


160 g blanched almonds
350 g of caster sugar
30 g of dark chocolate
100 g of egg whites


Melt the chocolate and let it cool.

Finely chop the almonds in a blender with half the sugar.

Beat the egg whites until stiff with the remaining sugar.

Gently combine the chopped almonds to the egg whites, stirring from the bottom up so as not to disassemble the entire compound.

Finally incorporate the melted chocolate and mix well and cool to mix it evenly into the mixture.

On plate lined with baking paper, spread the compost piles well spaced.

Bake the macaroons with chocolate to 140 ° / 150 ° until it will be annoyed. It will take approximately 12/15 minutes, but this can vary from oven to oven.

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