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Piadina Romagnola : Original recipe

The piadina , as everyone knows , is one of the most typical recipes of the cuisine of Romagna , known throughout the world and especially loved by millions of people.
The piadina , looks like a sheet of batter round in shape with a delicious topping that can be amongst the most varied and goes according to the tastes and desires of the gourmet who has to eat : so piadina can be stuffed with mozzarella, tomato and ham, or soft cheese and arugula , or even vegetables, cheese and meats ; in short, the choice is unlimited .


1 buffalo mozzarella
3 tortillas
400g Parma Ham ™
1 strand of emulsion balsamic vinegar of Modena


Preparation time: 5 min > Cooking: 2min > Ready in : 7minuti

Slice the mozzarella and avoid wasting too much milk during the cutting process (I recommend the use of a sharp knife ) .
In a flatbread lay the foundations of ham abounding . Lay the slices of buffalo mozzarella and close .
Fold in half like the flatbread for a wallet and heat it in a pan with the stuffing for no longer than 2 minutes ( the cheese should remain intact) .
Open it and pour a little olive emulsion balsamic vinegar.
Close it and serve it hot .

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