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Italian White Torrone

Italian White Torrone

Torrone is a traditional sweet Christmas , who was born in Cremona in 1400 and then spreads throughout the rest of Italy. It is a delicacy loved by young and old alike , thanks to its sweet and crunchy almonds and hazelnuts all .
There are many kinds of nougat: Nougat soft or hard nougat , nougat or nougat covered in chocolate , for example. This is the classic recipe of soft white nougat with almonds and hazelnuts. Good preparation !


400 grams of acacia honey
350 grams of sugar
350 grams of roasted hazelnuts
350 grams of peeled almonds
3 egg whites
2 untreated lemons for zest
35 Hosts Pastry

For one thing, do you cook the honey in a double boiler for about 90 minutes on low heat and stir occasionally with a wooden spoon. Meanwhile , put the sugar in a saucepan and add 100 grams of water : Make dissolve the sugar and stir until it is slightly crispy .
 Then mount the egg whites until stiff and combine them with warm honey , still on fire , stirring for a few minutes . Add sugar and mix later for around 5 minutes, finishing the cooking heat.
 Next, add the almonds and hazelnuts . Then grate the zest of two lemons and join it to the mixture. Mix everything well until the mixture is relatively solid.
At this point, lining a square tin with the pastry wafers , pour inside the nougat and, using a spoon, press it well and evens out any rough edges . Then cover with nougat wafers remaining , press them gently and let it rest for about 30 /40 minutes.
Flip finally nougat on a work surface and cut it into large checks . Enjoy your nougat ! To conserve it , wrap it in aluminum foil and keep it in a cool, dark place .

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