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Italian Creamy Fettuccine Porcini Mushrooms recipe

A classic autumn cuisine is represented by the tagliatelle with porcini mushrooms . Very easy to prepare, but you must pay attention to some steps to bring out the best flavor of porcini mushrooms . If you want then you can try to make this a great dish to prepare homemade egg noodles .


400g egg noodles
500g of porcini mushrooms
salt and pepper


Clean the mushrooms by cutting off the end of the stem generally covered a lot of ground . It would be preferable not to rinse with water, since the fungus absorbs and only use a brush to remove the remaining soil . Alternatively, you can use a damp cloth.
Fry a head of garlic in olive oil , then remove it once golden add the mushrooms and cut into pieces not too small .

Let them cook for about fifteen minutes. At the end add salt and pepper . If you can add flavor during cooking of fresh mint also , not to be confused with the Roman mint . Use it to cook the mushrooms is typical of Tuscany.

Cook the noodles in salted water , drain and cook in the pan where you jumped ripassatele mushrooms . Be careful to keep a glass of water from the pasta .

The pasta absorbs so much liquid and your noodles in danger of becoming too dry. To avoid this, while the amalgamated to fungi , gradually add water to obtain the right creaminess.

Serve and complete the dish with sprinkle of chopped fresh parsley .

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