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Italian Mezzelune al miele : Honey Mezzelune Recipe

Flaky pastry with honey veiled, with a sweet ricotta filling: the crescents are to honey. Sweets simple, but delicious and irresistible, honey crescents are ideal for a nice hearty breakfast (since honey is the main ingredient in the recipe), but also to accompany afternoon tea or as a snack at any time of the day .


500g shortcrust pastry
300 g ricotta
150 g of honey
Wheat flour 00


First prepare the stuffing of crescents : Melt 100 g of honey in a double boiler , then add it to the ricotta cheese , mixing the two ingredients in a bowl. You have to get a compound from the firm consistency , but smooth and and creamy .

At this point , roll out the pastry on lightly floured worktop : the ideal thickness of the dough is about 3-4 mm . With the help of a glass , drawn from many pasta discs with a diameter of about 10-12 cm .

Place in the middle of each circle of dough a bit ' of the filling , then fold them to form a crescent. Close the edges , gently pressing on them with the fingertips .

Cook then crescents in a preheated oven at 180 ° C: the cooking time is approximately a quarter of an hour ( when the cakes are a bit ' crisp finish , turn off the oven ) .

Once ready , baked crescents and let cool. Meanwhile , melt the remaining 50g honey in a double boiler and , when it is well melted , brush it on the crescents (just a slight haze ) .

measures :

The cheese must be very dry, so that the consistency of the cream is not too liquid , if necessary , drain the excess water before using it.

Ideas and variations:

These crescents you can also prepare with the pastry or pasta brisa , instead of the pastry.

The filling can be varied according to your tastes : this proposed legislation as stuffing for example , you can add raisins or chocolate chips , in order to make the cakes even more rich and energetic . If you do not like cottage cheese , opt instead for a filling of fresh fruit , eg apples or pears cut into small pieces and add to raisins and honey (or jam) .
Who tastes more "classic" , choose instead a simple jam filling , custard or chocolate cream.

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