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Tiramisu Venetian Style : Italian Recipe

Tiramisu Venetian Style : Italian Recipe

What You Need
6 large eggs, separated
4 tablespoons (50 grams) sugar
2 cups (500 grams) mascarpone cheese, drained of any excess liquid
1 cup (240 ml) sweet vermouth
Two 7-ounce (420 grams) packages Amaretti cookies

How to Do

In a medium bowl, beat the egg yolks with 3 tablespoons of the sugar until foamy and pale.

Beat in the mascarpone until smooth.

Stir in the egg yolks; set aside.

In a large bowl, using a standing or hand-held mixer, whip the egg whites until frothy.

Add the remaining tablespoon of sugar and beat until they hold soft peaks.

Fold the mascarpone mixture into the egg whites. Set aside.

Pour the vermouth into a small bowl.

Reserve five amaretti cookies to crumble and sprinkle over the top of the dessert.

One at a time, dip the remaining amaretti cookies into the vermouth; they should absorb some of the liquid but not be mushy.

Place the soaked amaretti in one snug layer on the bottom of a 9-inch ceramic dish or pie plate.

Evenly spread half of the mascarpone mixture over the amaretti.

Place another layer of soaked cookies over the mascarpone.

Repeat the layering, spreading the remaining mascarpone mixture, then ending with a layer of soaked cookies; this layer should be loosely arranged so that the cream mixture below is visible.

Sprinkle with the crumbled dry amaretti.

Refrigerate to set for at least 2 hours. Makes 8 servings

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