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Italian lasagna with saffron and radicchio recipe

Italian lasagna with saffron and radicchio 

Do you want to try to make a lasagna alternative to impress your friends? Are you tired of the classic lasagna with tomato sauce or pesto? No problem, we propose an easy recipe and original to modernize this classic dish of Italian cuisine. This is the lasagna with saffron and radicchio! The process is simple and very fast compared to the lasagna tradizionale.Tutto what you need is the saffron pasta for lasagna and radicchio. Ready to start? 


First of all you have to bring forward by baking the dough, then put the sheets in boiling water and pull them away when they are still in the teeth, because then they will end their cooking in forno.Tagliate chicory cubes, chicory used the sweet, and cook for a few minutes in the broth: you can do it quickly with the nut meat, and dissolve it in a glass zafferanno with the same broth. Now the amount for the dough are the same that you use when you make the lasagna with sauce, saffron just one packet, because you have to mix it with a bit of cream, in order to obtain a creamy sauce, otherwise only the saffron there enough to season all the layers. Let rest in the creamy sauce of saffron, even here the amount you choose it. 

Take a nonstick frying pan, sprinkle with oil and do a quick sauté onion and carrot and celery to flavor the radicchio and it becomes lightly browned and crunchy. Remember: you do not burn the onion, otherwise the flavor will be a bit too strong, (this applies every time you need to fry something) so keep the flame bassa.Prendete a baking dish and sprinkle the bottom as the first layer with the cream saffron and place the pasta dough sopra.Sopra still put cream, a handful of radish, pepper and grated cheese (use the cheese or the Po), put on the dough and proceed like this for all the layers. In the last layer, that is, the one above, abounding with radicchio, and put less cream, try to put more in the lasagna. Take a remarkable past of cheese and the final trick is to put a sprinkling of bread crumbs (if you have in the house of stale bread, just whip it to flavor and add to it half a clove of garlic, salt and parsley). 

In this way, when the lasagna is cooked, pan grated form a layer crisp, very good looking and above all good. Bake in the oven for fifteen - twenty minutes and serve warm ..

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