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Italian lasagna with zucchini and provolone recipe

Italian lasagna with zucchini and provolone recipe

The lasagna is a dish that can not miss in Italian cuisine, and even though we are used to the classic version, with tomato sauce and meat sauce, it must be said, however, that in the warm period can be a bit 'heavy. In this guide we will explain how to make lasagna with zucchini and provolone. A recipe is also suitable in the summer, perfect for those who do not eat meat, and that will allow you to make a good impression if you have guests for dinner. 

Make sure you have at hand: 

Approximately 300 grams of egg lasagne 
2 zucchini 
100 grams of smoked cheese or simple 
For the sauce: 40 g flour, 40 g of butter, half a liter of milk 
grated Parmesan 
Oil, salt 


The recipe that we suggest is for four people, so, plan accordingly if you want to prepare the lasagna for more people. To begin with, you have to take a grater and use it to zucchini. Once you have grated you will have to proceed to toss in the pan. Take a pan and add oil, zucchini, salt and just a little drop of water. Cover and cook over medium heat for about five minutes. Meanwhile, take a large saucepan and add enough ingredients for the sauce that will cook on low heat, curandovi to turn the mixture well with a spoon to avoid lumps of flour. 

Once the zucchini and sauce are ready, proceed to cut the provolone into chunks. You can use smoked provolone or simple depending on your taste, although it is perhaps better that simple if you execute this recipe for the first time since it gives the dish a milder flavor. Now take a baking lasagna and begin to compose the layers of your lasagna, make sure that the edges have high enough to contain the layers if you have a pan is not very large. 

The layers must be composed in this order: Lasagna egg first, then sprinkle well with the sauce with a spoon, then add the zucchini (as do) and provolone little chunks. Proceed until the last layer that must be completed in this way: a lot of sauce and sprinkle with parmesan so that at the end of cooking you will have an excellent surface browning. 

Finally, bake the pan to two hundred degrees and cook for about ten minutes. Once baked, Divide into portions and serve hot lasagna, but waiting five minutes otherwise it will be hot given the many cheeses that contain. Here's a great dish, suitable for all seasons and able to appreciate the zucchini to children. Bon appetit!.

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