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Cappellacci burro e salvia : Original Ferrara Recipe

Cappellacci Pumpkin Butter and Sage


- 400 gr of flour 00

- 4 Eggs

Ingredients for the filling

- 1 kg of pumpkin baked baked in the oven

- 200 gr of grated Parmesan

 - nutmeg

- Salt and pepper

 - N ° 3-4 tablespoons ( Savor and 100 Gr Of Macaroons )

 Method for the filling

        Remove the pumpkin seeds previously cooked in the oven , cut it into small pieces, put it in the bowl and knead the cheese , salt and pepper, nutmeg , and ( savor and macaroons ) . Knead the ingredients until dough is smooth .

Process for the ravioli

        Place the flour on a pastry board rompetevi fountain in the eggs and put a pinch of salt with a fork, lightly beat . Intridete the flour , worked for about 10 -15 minutes, then with a rolling pin , roll the dough too thin . square cm . 7 x 7 . Upon each of them lays a little 'filling . It encloses the filling in the boxes and folding them on yourself by pressing the edges with your fingers to seal them . Finally twisting the tortelloni on a finger if they overlap the two ends side by pushing them to stay together. Cook them in salted water and toss .....

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