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Italian Olive in parmesan crust recipe

Italian Olive in parmesan crust recipe

Today I do not talk too much, I promise, just a few recommendation then step to give you the recipe with my insignificant changes: 
Make it triple, quadruple dose, one leads to another, there are a few olives 18? 
not do if you are on a diet, are irresistible! 
if you are on a diet do them the same, in case you give up the first course;-) 



18/20 pitted green olives 
50 g flour 
30 g parmesan cheese 
30 g butter 
1 tablespoon cold water 


Mix the flour with the butter in a mixer or dough until it makes crumbs. Add 1 tablespoon of water and parmesan. Let rest in refrigerator for 30 minutes. 

Take composed by a small amount at a time, flatten it with your fingers lightly on floured board and wrap it around an oil well dry, rolling, and then, all in the palm of your hand to coat well the oil. 

When they are all ready arrange them in a baking pan covered with parchment paper, let her rest in refrigerator for at least 2 hours, half a day, this helps to maintain the shape during cooking. Then bake at 170 ° ventilation for about 10 '/ 12' or until golden. 


Keep in mind that if the cheese is fresh, it is possible to increase the dose of cheese with butter. In the case of hard cheese that dose is fine, otherwise it tastes too strong. 
In case the dough hardship to bind, combine a tablespoon of cold water. 
And 'possible to freeze both cooked and raw. I tried both solutions. The important that they stay in the fridge before baking so why maintain their shape better. In the end it's just a rich butter pastry crust and must be kept cold. 
I prefer the less seasoned with Parmesan, are more delicate. 
Important to rest in the fridge, I found out through experience. I always use the convection oven. 

I added a tablespoon of water, I think it is essential. 
I mixed in a blender with the blades as described in the recipe, but in the original recipe Nadia speaks to knead by hand. 
I used medium grain seasoned respecting the proportions, and in my opinion, are already so delicious. 
Also good cold the next day that is just heated in the oven. 

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