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Italian handcraft homemade potato gnocchi recipe

Italian handcraft homemade potato gnocchi recipe 

Step by Step recipe

Finally this morning I was at home, and I had plenty of free time. So I decided to write another post for a dish that I made for lunch: the gnocchi. 

I followed my special Italian recipe and the result was exquisite, soft, sweet and tasty!

The gnocchi are one of the most well-known preparations around the world as constituting a very simple and hearty dish that is suitable for any kind of seasoning. 

Of course, today as in antiquity, the most common variety and are appreciated potato gnocchi, although there are many other varieties: with the meal, corn flour, and other ingredients according to local tradition . 

Ingredients : 

Potatoes 1 kg 
eggs 1 
300 g flour 


Step by Step Preparation  Recipe

The first thing to do is prepare the potatoes: wash them and, without peeling them, put them in a pot with salted water and let them boil (for making potato gnocchi I recommend you use the floury potatoes red). Still warm, peel them, mash them and put them on a well-floured worktop.

Add a pinch of salt, flour and knead until the mixture is firm but soft at the same time. At this point add an egg and continue to knead until the dough is compact and without lumps.

Then, divide the dough into strands with a thickness of 2-3 centimeters and begin to cut your gnocchi and put them down on a surface or a floured tray. Finally, practice characteristics scoring of each dumpling dumplings by sliding the fork and squeezing a bit, but not too much. Let stand your dumplings for 15 minutes, then cook them in a pot with enough salted water and drain when they will rise to the surface. Prepare the seasoning that you like and dress your gnocchi.


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Once cooked, preserved potato gnocchi in the refrigerator, sealed in an airtight container for a couple of days at most. You can prepare in advance and freeze the gnocchi by placing them in the freezer before cooking: place them on a tray and then, when you will be frozen, transfer them in special bags for food. In this way you will avoid the dumplings will "stick" to each other.

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