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Bruschetta with Italian sausage recipe

The sausage is a meat known in many regions of Italy, so much so that it takes different names depending on the city , for example, is called " Luganega " at Monza or " Sausage " in Basilicata. Either way it is cooked in many ways and for different dishes , the variant with the bruschetta is special because it is so simple to make as tasty and suitable for every occasion. Let's see how to prepare it !


4 sausages from 100 g each
4 slices of bread
1 clove of garlic
Olive oil q.b.


There are two ways to prepare the sausage : either by putting it directly in the oven before passing it into the pan. In this recipe, we see the first way .

Preheat the oven to 200 ° C, you heat the bread slices three minutes per side, regolandovi but always according to your taste ( if you prefer crisper , let even a little longer ) .

Remove the slices , put a drop of olive oil , rub the garlic and spread on the sausage , you have skinned .
Put the garlic bread in the oven for a few minutes , let it finish cooking and serve at the table piping hot .

measures :

ou can also rub the garlic before putting the bread slices in the oven , if you like the flavor .

Ideas and variations:

A thin layer of cream cheese is ideal to enrich the flavor of bruschetta with sausage , then you can pick philadelphia or similar.

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