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Zucchini Parmesan Crisps

How you doing 
1 Wash the zucchini thoroughly, then dry with a cotton cloth and remove the two estremità.tagliare the zucchini disks so that they are neither too large nor too thin. 
2 add salt and let they throw the water for half an hour 
3.Before put them to fry in a pan with high sides with extra virgin olive oil warm. 
4 Remove from the pan once colorful and let drain on paper towels or paper straw. Serve warm, possibly by adding salt and / or pepper directly on the surface. 

Preparation time: 15 minutes 

Result: simple and fast, zucchini fries prepared in this way are tasty and are perfect both as a side dish or as an appetizer or as an appetizer for appetizers. 

Variant: It is not permissible variation, if you really want to remove the cheese but just if you have to. 

Tip: The extra virgin olive oil makes frying more light and delicate and, importantly, does not make your kitchen like a Chinese restaurant. If you really do not like the idea of frying with extra virgin olive oil, then use of soya beans, light, leaves no odor.

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