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Italian Fried crispy calamari recipe

The Crispy Fried calamari is a fish recipe loved by young and old alike! It 'a very popular recipe and it may seem easy! Instead it is difficult to make a fried crispy and light at the same time! I was asked why, at times, the fried calamari remain moist, full of oil and mushy! So, I've prepared immediately (to the delight of my husband) and now I leave you the recipe and some tips for a perfect frying !!! 

Fried crispy calamari | Recipe Fish 

INGREDIENTS (for 2 people) 

400 g of fresh squid 
semolina flour 
peanut oil for frying 
salt q.b. 
1 lemon 


Clean the squid by removing the head
, viscera and bone inside. Cut the beak and eyes in the middle of the tentacles. Wash them well under running water. Also, delete the outer skins and cut with scissors squid into rings. Rinse again and place them on a clean cloth to dry. When you are well-drained, move the now damp cloth, and pat with paper towels. In a skillet, heat plenty of oil, and to see if he is ready to dip a crumb of bread, if you fry it means that the oil is at the optimum temperature to start frying! Breaded calamari evenly, a little at a time, and fry in hot oil. Let them brown and drain them with a slotted spoon. Place it on a paper towel to remove excess oil. Continue until the end of the squid. Season with salt and serve hot with pieces of lemon. And the crispy fried calamari is ready !!! 

Agnese's advice for a perfect fried calamari: 

Always prefer the fresh fish in the frozen, no doubt affects the flavor and the fried! But if you can not ... let it thaw, rinse and dry perfectly! 
Use the flour, semolina or durum wheat! It makes the most crisp frying !! At best, you do half semolina half 00. 
Use peanut oil only for small quantities to be fried! Otherwise, choose a good extra virgin olive oil because it has a high smoke point. 
Fry a little at a time, flouring as. Not so will lower the oil temperature. 
If the fish fry is so, do not always use the same oil! It should be changed because the flour will ruin the dirty frying! 
After fried always leave them on paper towels to remove excess oil. 
If you fry in advance, do not cover them EVER! With the belief of keeping warm would serve the fish moist and mushy! At most heated the oven for a few minutes at high temperature. Turn off and place the frying inside until ready to serve!

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