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Perfect Italian Mantova Carbonara Recipe

The origin of spaghetti carbonara is somewhat torn: someone attaches to the Carbonari Umbrian that they would know this dish to the Romans in the nineteenth century, someone other than the inventor claims that both Ippolito Cavalcanti, a Neapolitan nobleman who published this recipe in one of his book.

What do you need for two people

an egg for each person
200 grams of pasta
100 grams of bacon
Pecorino Romano D.o.p. 20 grams


1. Preparation is trivial but accurate: take the pillow and cut it into squares and then brown it in a pan and turn off when hard and well roasted on the outside.
2. While pasta is cooking in salted water with a fork, beat the eggs with the salt (not much because the pillow is already tasty), a handful of sheep and a little bit of black pepper; Drain the pasta al dente, pour into the pan where the bacon is browned and to absorb the sauce, stirring with a wooden spoon.
3. Pour the pasta in the pot, add the beaten eggs and stir so that the egg does not become curdled but kind omelet then this should be done in cooker off; add more pepper if you like, and possibly even more cheese. You can also mix the bacon egg in order to allow the "sauce" to take taste and then pour the pasta into the pan to cook the bacon and adds the egg mix + pillow and following the other steps.

Preparation time: 16 minutes

Result: Hard, soft, tasty and appetizing pasta carbonara is an absolute pleasure. Love this spaghetti sauce and cheese directly into the pot when you add the flavor is outstanding.

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