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Grandmother's cake ( Torta della Nonna) with custard and pine nuts recipe

Grandmother's cake with custard and pine nuts

The grandmother's cake with custard and pine nuts is a sweet delicate flavor of an ancient and amazing goodness.

Easy to prepare because it is made with few ingredients, the grandmother's cake with cream and pine nuts is a sweet delicate, a surprising goodness. It is a sweet typical Ligurian very common in Tuscany, composed by an envelope of pastry covered with pine nuts and powdered sugar that hides inside a savory custard filling. Its antique flavor but at the same time present, thanks to the addition to the original recipe of chocolate chips makes the grandmother's cake with cream and pine nuts cake ideal for a snack genuine without sacrificing taste.


500 grams of flour 00
250 grams of soft butter
3 eggs
200 g sugar
2 teaspoons of baking powder
1/2 liter of milk
150 grams of sugar
50 grams of flour type 00
3 eggs
1/2 unwaxed lemon
For the final decoration of the cake
3 tablespoons pine nuts
powdered sugar (to taste)



Take a saucepan and add together the eggs, sugar and flour. Add the milk and half the lemon pulp emptied and then place the pot on the fire. Make sure that the flame is not too high and proceed stirring constantly until the custard thickens.
Let cool, stirring occasionally and just start to prepare the pastry.


Mix the flour with the eggs, sugar, baking powder and softened butter into small pieces. Knead the dough quickly until a dough is smooth and homogeneous and then let it rest in the refrigerator for about 30 minutes.
Roll out the dough into two equal disks about half a centimeter thick.


Take a mold openable circle and with the first disc foderatene the base. With the help of a fork, prick the surface and then pour the custard, possibly adding chocolate chips.
Leveled well and cover with the second disc of pastry.
Make sure that the edges stick well and then sprinkle the surface of the cake with pine nuts.
Bake at 180 degrees for a time ranging from 35 to 45 minutes depending on the oven.
Once ready, the cake out of the oven, let it cool and then sprinkle with powdered sugar.

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