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Super Brioche Recipe

Back to my desire to baking , I wanted to try a cake that I always called Zurkan but after some research on the net , I realized that it was the names of the people who carried these beautiful buns or rolls worked Valentina Zurkan . I do not have much information , if anyone knows more , do not hesitate to give me . The principle is simple , we must superimpose 4 discs dough , hack differently and twist the dough strips to create a design .

In any case you will find on the net and especially on Russian sites or Bulgarian different models more or less complicated to achieve : here, there or here

I used a dough recipe brioche easy to work but you can use your favorite recipe. I wonder if we 'll get the same result with a flaky brioche dough (recipe here) but in this case without the 4 discs ..... to try.


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