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Prime polpette – Ricette Vegan – Vegane – Cruelty Free

Vegan meatballs


100 g of seitan
1 handful of parsley
4-5 basil leaves
bread crumbs to taste
1 small clove of garlic
salt and pepper to taste
1 pinch of sesame seeds
2 teaspoons of tomato cooncentrato
extra virgin olive oil
soy sauce


Nothing could be more simple or past blend all the ingredients to the blender until the mixture modeling , compose your meatballs, roll them in the breadcrumbs and cook in a frying pan greased with a little 'oil and soy sauce . That's it!

The Point :

A simplicity that borders on the ridiculous , ok, but fell really good ! I do not particularly like the seitan , but I try not to abuse of the derivatives of non-fermented soy , so I'm always looking for recipes with seitan that I meet . Strangely, I had never tried to make us into balls and after many failures with meatballs legumes here's a meatball absolutely perfect both in taste and consistency ! Of course you can omit ( or increase ) the garlic, use a flour breading for your taste and cook in the oven , in my opinion are just as good . The next time I'll try to add some vegetable or legume ! A hug to everyone !

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