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Milano Focaccia with figs

This cake is delicious with figs . It 's perfect for the season: figs are already very good . I made this cake the other day to be served to some friends that I have come to find in the countryside. It ' was a great success !


300 g flour 00
140 g of warm water
3 grams of dry yeast
30 g of granulated sugar
1 teaspoon of acacia honey Rigoni Asiago
fresh figs
half a teaspoon of salt


In the planetary I put flour, sugar, yeast and water. I let you impastasse and I added honey, finally last salt.
I worked until a shiny dough that I let double in a bowl covered with foil in the oven turned off.
I then reversed this mixture into a large baking pan , that adorable ceramic Wald you see in the picture, diameter 28 cm , barely oiled because it is very non-stick .
I spread the dough with your hands and I've placed on figs cut in half, even if organic , peeled because I preferred aesthetically .
I let it rise for another 40 minutes and when I saw the beautiful cake I baked at 180 ° swollen ie preheated oven for a half-hour .
I left it to cool completely and cut into slices.

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