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Italian zucca fritta recipe

For centuries, the pumpkin falls in many areas of my recipes , and not surprisingly since Emilia Romagna , Lombardy and Veneto in this vegetable has found its ideal climate , and is cultivated intensively.
Are not to be underestimated even its nutritional properties , is a low-calorie food (about 18 calories per 100g) because it consists of water for more than 90% , and contains vitamin A, calcium , potassium, phosphorus and fiber.
At the time of purchase in order to recognize a ripe pumpkin , but fresh , you should check that the stem is soft and well anchored to the pumpkin , also hitting it with his hand must emit a dull sound .


- Pumpkin

- Olive oil


Put three fingers to heat oil in a large skillet .
Cut the pumpkin flesh into squares of about 3 cm thick and 1 and flour them well. Once the oil is ready, throw the pieces of pumpkin gently. They will be ready in 10-15 minutes depending on the type and size of the pumpkin pieces. Season with salt , according to his grandmother , only towards the end of cooking , and if you say there is a reason .
Serve as a delicious aperitif bowls infilzandoli with toothpicks.

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