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Easy Italian Zabaione cream

The zabaglione cream is one of the most classic and popular : prepared slamming long egg yolks and sugar, is generally enriched with dry Marsala (but also with Porto, Madeira , Malaga, Vin Santo , Muscat, etc. ... or liquor fragrant such as , for example, the Kirsch or Rum ) , and baked in a water bath until it became thick and frothy .
It is typically served in glass bowls and accompanied by dry biscuits , fresh fruit or whipped cream.


8 egg yolks
Sugar 160 gr
Fortified Wine 100 ml


Take the 8 eggs and separate the yolks from the whites (the latter you will not need ) . Put the sugar and egg yolks  in a steel bowl with handle and thick bottom ( which will then be placed in a water bath ) , and beat with a whisk (or electric mixer )  until that does not form a cream swollen, foamy, smooth and almost white  . United gradually wine, always beating for doing well absorb the liquid  , and when all the ingredients are well blended , immerse the pot in water bath in another larger pot that contains , filled to 1/3 of hot water : fire must be very low and the water should never boil, but rather must maintain a slight shudder. Stir with a whisk for about 10-15 minutes , until you see the creamy swell, thicken and become creamy ; At this point you can remove the sabayon from the heat and serve immediately in bowls made ​​of glass. If you want to enjoy it cold you will have to mix it occasionally until after cooling , to prevent the wine from separating from the cream settle on the bottom .

Some advice

In the preparation of eggnog , the most important , as well as buy fresh eggs , is to control the temperature of the water bath ; water should never boil, because it could cause lumps in the cream .

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