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Homemade Ligurian Pesto : Classic recipe

The pesto (Ligurian language pronunciation in: / 'pestu /) is a typical condiment originating in Liguria. Its basic ingredient is basil (Ocimum basilicum) or better, the Genovese Basil (in Ligurian baxeicò [baʒeɪ'kɔ] or baxaicò [baʒaɪ'kɔ]). In addition to the basil, pine nuts are crushed and raw garlic, all seasoned with parmesan cheese (and / or cheese, depending on local traditions) and extra virgin olive oil.


• 4 decks (60-70 g. Leaves) Basilico Genovese DOP guarantee the typical flavor and aroma
• 30 g. Pine Nuts
• 45-60 g. Stravecchio grated Parmigiano Reggiano
• 20-40 g. Fiore Sardo cheese (Pecorino Sardo)
• 1-2 cloves garlic Vessalico (Imperia)
• 10 g. Sea Salt Grosso
• 60-80 cc. Extra Virgin Olive Oil "Riviera Ligure" PDO, sweet and fruity, enhances the scent of basil and seasoning


The marble mortar and wooden pestle are the tools traditionally used to prepare the Pesto Genovese.

You have to wash in cold water the basil leaves and put them to dry on a towel without stropicciarle .

Gets pounded in a mortar, a clove of garlic along with the pine nuts .
Once reduced cream , add a few grains of salt and basil leaves pressed not to fill the cavity . Basil gets pounded with a gentle circular motion of the pestle on the walls. Repeat the process.

When Basil oozes a bright green liquid , add the cheese, Parmigiano Reggiano and Fiore Sardo.

Pour in the Extra Virgin Olive Oil DOP Riviera , ideal to marry all the ingredients without overwhelming .

The work should be completed in the shortest possible time to avoid oxidation .

NOTE: The sequence shown is not the only possible one. In Genoa and Liguria every person has its secrets : you will never find the two " Pesto " alike!

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